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Winning the Toto: How to Increase Your Chances?

If small jobs on the Internet are not your specialty, maybe you prefer to play to earn money? On the other hand, who has never dreamed of becoming a millionaire just by drawing the right numbers? And even if you do not win the entire prize pool, with a bit of luck, you also have the possibility of winning a good sum. Besides, is luck the only criterion that matters?

How to increase your chances at Toto?

Understand the Basics of Toto

Before establishing different stratagems in order to increase the probability of winning the Lotto, it is advisable to understand the basic principles of this draw. To start, each grid has 49 numbers. To try your luck, you must select 4 digits and a lucky number.

You have the possibility of positioning yourself on three different draws each week (Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday). The objective is simple: the balls drawn at random must correspond to your 5 digits. If so, you win a check, the amount of which varies, but in any case, you become a millionaire.

How do you hope to make money when you know that a total of 19,068,840 combinations are possible? The chances of winning the entire prize pool are low: you have a 1 in 19 million chance of succeeding.

Bet on Number Sequences

It is not enough to have enough luck to guess all the numbers that will be drawn in the Lotto. If other people have made the same selection as you, you must share the jackpot with them. To be the only one to win, it is advisable to favor number sequences, as this is a rarer game technique.

Indeed, many players check numbers on all levels: 3, 18, 25, 35 and 41 for example. Conversely, we are less likely to choose suites like 5, 8, 12, 14 and 17, because we place ourselves on a more restricted part of the grid.

By using this method, you have no more or less chance of finding the right numbers. However, since you are different from the most common practices, the chances of being the only one to have used this suite are greater. In case of victory, the check will be all the more important.

Playing with Others

By always playing alone, you always have the same chances of winning money. But by performing a group participation, you can position yourself on more numbers, which logically increases the chances of success. The TAB88 website also offers group play in the lottery.

Of course, in this particular case, the winnings are shared. But if there are several of you getting the prize pool, the check paid to each participant will still be large enough to significantly change your life, which is why many families or groups of friends make this choice.

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