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What Does VIP Live Casino Mean?

What Does VIP Live Casino Mean?

A very quick look at possible gaming options in the lobby for live casino is enough to see that the three letters VIP are added to a fairly large amount of games. It’s about VIP Blackjack, Roulette VIP and so on.

It’s easy to imagine that VIP always stands for the opportunity to play with higher stakes, but the whole thing is a little more complicated than that. Here we tell you everything you need to know about VIP live casino .

Basically, VIP live casino is mainly about games with higher stakes . If a gaming table for Blackjack has a minimum bet of $ 500, you can definitely count on the table having VIP status. The same can apply to Roulette if the minimum bet is say $ 200.

In other respects, Baccarat is also usually offered in VIP variants. For other games, there are only a small number of tables in total, which makes it impossible to divide the tables into different categories.

VIP for live dealer casino can also be about a more exclusive atmosphere. If you have ever played live, you know that there are often a number of tables in the same studio.

You can glimpse them behind the table you are at. This layout is appreciated by many because it gives an authentic feeling of real casinos. However, there are also separate rooms with only one game table for example for Roulette or Blackjack. These are considered more exclusive and are often classified as VIP.

Many larger online casinos have taken advantage of the opportunity to order their own, exclusive, gaming tables from top software providers such as Microgaming such tables can also be called VIP, although it may be possible to play for as little as a few dollar per round.

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