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Ways to Gamble on E-sports

Ways to Gamble on E-sports

Just like with a regular sport it is possible to gamble on e-sports. There are teams that compete against each other. That is why people often bet on the outcome of a game.

It is also possible to bet on the difference in points, for example, where the profit distributions are slightly higher. E-sports tournaments sometimes even have the same set-up as, for example, the football World Cup including preliminaries, knockout stages and the like.

This creates different ways to gamble on e-sports. Consider, for example, betting on which FIFA player finishes last. It is also possible to keep it simpler; for example, by predicting the winner of the world title Counter Strike.

E-sports are therefore more than just a game of FIFA. There are several games that involve a lot of money. The main e-sport of the moment is League of Legends.

It is possible to bet on different types of bets. A single bet is easiest to place. For example, you can bet on the profit of a team. The single bet is the easiest to start with.

In addition, there are the combined bets. Different outcomes are combined with each other. The profits are a lot higher, but the chance of profit is therefore a lot smaller. In a combined bet, all bets must be correct.

It is also possible to gamble live. For example, it is possible to follow a live stream and always gamble on the course of the game. The chances of winning can change considerably during the game. It is therefore a must to follow a live stream.

Finally, there are a number of special bets. For example, by betting on the number of times a player will take out his opponent. It is also possible to bet that a team member of a particular team will not be eliminated during the game, or for example how many dragons will be caught during a game. The possibilities are endless and e-sports have become a fully-fledged method of betting. It may be useful to familiarise yourself with the concepts of e-sports beforehand.

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