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Top 2 Tennis Betting Options

Top 2 Tennis Betting Options

There are many options to consider when betting on the sport. To make things even more exciting, there are a number of point spread based betting variations that are becoming quite popular.

We bet each of these models individually, tennis will look at both the new and the more traditional and we break down how they work, how they usually pay and things to consider when placing your bet.

There are two most popular tennis betting options:

Bets to Win

One of the most popular bets in tennis is “Bets to win” or bets on the winner of a full event. The majority of these bets are placed during the Grand Slam events; the Australian, US and French Opens and Wimbledon.

But since there are a large number of smaller events during a tennis season, there are plenty of options for this type of bet all year round. Depending on the odds of the player you choose, this model can be quite profitable.

Several additional variants of the bet to win model are also available. A field bet is one of those options and there are pros and cons to this type of bet. The advantage is that, as the field term implies, you are betting on a spread of players, one of whom you can win. The downside is that the payout is comparable to an individual game picking the favorite to win bets.

Another more lucrative variation of the bet to win model is futures bets on the four Grand Slam events. This can be a nice bet especially because if you choose a player well in advance of the event and they happen to be hot just prior to the event you are betting on, you will not be affected by the inevitable shift in odds hurting your potential winning percentage.

Set Betting

If you want to abandon the traditional conventions of tennis betting and try something relatively new, one of the most popular new ways of betting on tennis matches is “Set betting”.

As the name implies, you bet on the results of a single game on the criteria of the set spread from the final score and if your bet is correct win.

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