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This Is How Odds for Over and Under Bets Work

This Is How Odds for Over and Under Bets Work

Overplay and underplay. These are common forms of play that we can actually encounter a bit everywhere. It is available in most sports but in different designs depending on the nature of the sport.

When we play online, the possibilities for betting on Over/Under bets are almost endless. Today we look at a few different forms.

We start with the essentials. Over/Under play is just as it sounds. You bet on whether it will happen above or below a number of things in an event. It can be over/under the number of sets in a tennis match, the number of rounds in a boxing match, the number of corners in a football match, etc.

It can be expulsion minutes, fair play points or the like. Everything that can actually be counted and that has some significance for the event you are playing at can in principle have an over/under game.

3-way and Asian

There are two categories of Over/Under games. One is the 3-way game. We take floorball as an example this time. You want to play an overplay number of goals in a match. The limits of a 3-way game are always even.

Over 5 goals, over 6 goals, etc. This means that if you play over 5 goals, there must be six goals in the match for you to win money. Betting on over 6 goals means at least seven goals in the match and so on.

In half opposite to this are the Asian ropes. When it comes to goal totals in a match, these lines are divided into quarters; over 2.0 – 2.25 – 2.5 – 2.75 etc.

If you have played on over 2.0 and there will be two goals in the match, you will get your money back. If there are three, you win. If you bet on Over 2.25, you get back half the bet.

If you bet on over 2.5, you lose your game completely by two goals and win by three. Over 2.75 gives half profit on three goals and full profit on four. Regardless of whether it is goals, cards, running yards or something else, the principle according to the above is the same.

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