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Real Money Bingo Game

Is bingo your favourite game? Or are you just interested in bingo game? Then we have good news for you. Nowadays you can play bingo online for real money at an online casino. Play all the action and excitement of live bingo, but without the drawbacks.

Bingo is played with multiple players. Numbers are drawn one by one in this game. These numbers players can mark off on their bingo cards. The first to cross all the numbers on the bingo card makes bingo and wins. The winner may announce this by “Bingo!” to call. The bingo prize can be received after the winning bingo card has been checked.

Bingo Game Rules

There are several bingo variants, but we only explain the necessary rules to play. If you read these rules, you can play all bingo variants.

Players who want to play just need to get a bingo card. The bingo cards have bingo numbers that must be crossed out. Many people play with multiple bingo cards to increase the chance of winning.

Each bingo card has 5 rows and 5 columns with 24 numbers, because there is no number in the middle. Bingo is written on every card. Each letter of the word “BINGO” is at the top of a column.

  • The first column (B) contains 5 bingo numbers (1 to 15).
  • The second column (I) also contains 5 numbers (16 to 30).
  • The third column (N) only contains 4 numbers (31 to 45) through the empty field in the middle.
  • The fourth column (G) contains 5 numbers (46 to 60).
  • The fifth column (O) also contains 5 numbers (61 to 75).

The numbers on each bingo card occur only once. In addition, they are not in order, so look closely at your card with each number drawn.

Playing bingo online is the most exciting development in bingo this century. Anyone with internet access can play bingo 24 hours a day, every day of the week. You can play bingo at an online casino for real money with people around the world.

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