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Playtech Casino Blackjack Game Online

Playtech Casino Blackjack

Playtech has the smallest collection of blackjack games among the leading and established providers of online casino software. Their focus has been on arcade games after online slots and this may be the reason for the smaller number of blackjack variants. But the quality of these blackjack games is as good as any other.

For players who like American blackjack variants, Blackjack Surrender is one of the most popular games. In this game, the blackjack dealer checks if his first hand has an ace or a ten-value card as the face-up card. This is a practice in American real casinos and is also somewhat more favourable for the player compared to the European variant. The second advantage is that the player can surrender after the dealer has checked blackjack and recovered half of his bet.

There are some innovative blackjack variants offered by Playtech. Perfect Blackjack is the most common of these. In addition to the main players, players can place a side bet on the player or dealer who gets a pair in the first hand.

All pairs pay 6 to 1, a colored pair pays 12 to 1 and the perfect or matching pair pays 25 to 1. The side bet cannot be placed unless the main game is played, but can win even if the player loses the main game.

The flagship Playtech blackjack variant is the Blackjack Switch. It is not offered by any other software vendor. The player must play with two hands. Once the first cards have been dealt, the player can swap the best cards in both hands. Very often, this move can turn two weak hands into two strong ones. The price is that blackjack pays even money.

21 Duel Blackjack is an exciting game where the player’s moves are slightly modified. The player receives one card face up and the other card face down. Then two community cards are dealt, common to both the player and the dealer.

The player must first choose one of the community cards as his second card. If he is happy with the hand value, he should stand. If he strikes, his face is placed down in his hand. This is the last card he gets. The dealer’s hand is automatically played in a similar way and the two final hands are compared as usual.

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