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How to Win Easy Money with Baccarat Formula?

baccarat formula

Everyone who loves baccarat probably was looking for some completely win-win among the sets of strategies that would give an advantage over the casino. However, so far no one has managed to find such a formula that has fulfilled the long-held dreams of the players.

In any case, baccarat fans do not lose their hopes and continue to actively experiment, test existing known strategies and tactics, many of which developed for roulette.

Baccarat is very similar to blackjack, probably for this reason, many players draw parallels between the mathematical calculations for these two games. This approach does not allow you to plan your actions for the future, which negatively affects the gains.

The first step in playing online baccarat is learning how the hands are valued. The system is different from other card based online casino games. Cards from ace to nine are valued at their pip count, with ace being one point. Tens and the picture cards are valued at 0 points. To get the hand value, the points of the cards are added up and the tens digit is dropped. Therefore, the highest hand value is 9, which is referred to as a natural in online baccarat.

Strategy # 1

The least risky strategy for baccarat is the Donald Natanson system. It is intended only for the game on equal chances. As you might have guessed, two scientists, Donald and Nathanson, have developed this strategy. Although, to be precise, the classic version was invented by Donald, and Nathanson only slightly improved, suggesting that the game will bring more benefits if the first bet is equal to one conventional unit each time.

In case of loss, the participant raises it by one conventional unit, in case of loss, it decreases. The Donald Nathanson system does not exclude even a negative value. In this situation, the player must put the chips on a different colour.

Strategy # 2

Another strategy is called the Whitaker system. It is also popular in baccarat game. If the participant has won, then he should go down to the opposite values, but skipping each previous one, and not sequentially. For example, in the first case, the progression will look like this: one – two – three – five – eight – thirteen – twenty one, and in the second: twenty one – eight – three – one. The risks of using this design are quite high, since one combination can lead to large losses. However, experienced players often use the Whitaker system.

Even the most unsafe formula of a mathematician or scientist will reduce the risk of losing money compared to if the player did not follow any tactics at all. Follow the teachings of scientists and remember the rules of the game. Good luck to you!

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