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F1: Bet on Spanish GP 2020

F1: Bet on Spanish GP 2020

Nowadays, one of the most popular sports betting is Formula 1 (F1). A lot of people bet on their favourite drivers in each Grand Prix this season.

One of the most popular F1 races is the Spanish Grand Prix. The Spanish Grand Prix is an F1 racing currently held at the Catalonia circuit in Barcelona, and it will be held on August 16.

The F1 teams are no strangers to the Circuit Catalonia, not only have they raced it every year since 1991 but cars are often tested on it too.

Familiarity with the track does not detract from the challenge for the car and driving in Barcelona’s mix of high and low speed corners and its fast and rather choppy ground making for a physically and mechanically exhausting race.

In the early years the race was mainly held as a production car race, interrupted by the First World War it took a decade before the first edition was held before it became one of the pillars of the European racing calendar.

The winners are of course among the current driversfirst Max Verstappen with a spectacular victory in his first real season, Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton.

Live Betting on the Spanish Grand Prix

The Spanish GP is ​​an ideal time to start. Live betting offers many advantages, first of all, of course, that you can place a bet during the race which ensures that you can bet with more information, which in the long term always means that you can make more winning.

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