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Do You Play Blackjack?

There is a reason what makes the game of Blackjack so special is that the purpose of the game is so simple. As a player you play against the dealer and your only goal is to get a score closer to 21 points than that of the dealer.

You should not exceed this number and then there is a very good chance that you can win a large amount. Previously, the game was also called 21 and that is now immediately clear why. You start the game of Blackjack with 2 cards each. You can then make a number of decisions, such as drawing an extra card, which you do when you have a low value of cards in your hand.

But you can also pass and you do that when you are close to 21 points and think that you will pass that number on a next card. You no longer “Hit” the card, a dealer must always “Stand” at 17 points. You can also choose split and then you do that when you have 2 of the same cards with the same value.

Then you can make 2 split hands and then you get a new card with each hand and then you also play with an extra bet. It may be that it works extra well for you because you now have an extra chance of winning! But if you really have 2 good cards in hand, you can make a double bet. You still have to draw a card.

Value of the Cards

Before you start taking part in blackjack it is good that you also know the value of the cards. You have the regular number cards and they are also worth the value on them, 2 to 10. Then you have the Jack, Queen, King and they have the value of 10 and the ace that you can you use as 1 or as 11. Which choice you make depends on how the game goes.

If you have almost 21 points, it is better to stop (stand), but if you have too many points because of an extra card and you can convert the ace of the 11 as 1 point, then you are lucky. You are not finished and just participate to win the prizes.

In any case, you can play Blackjack online and on your mobile so find out quickly what works for you and then you can see how profitable it can turn out. You have the chances so take it so that you can get even more fun out of gambling.

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